Tired of cleaning that tile grout?

by Bret 13. June 2012 14:50


If you've ever had tile on your shower walls or floor, you know what a struggle it is to keep the grout lines clean of black and moldy spots. Not only is tile grout difficult to keep clean, but water can get behind the tile and cause mildew and water damage resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs. Tile is definitely not the most practical surface for your shower walls or floor.

You don't have to sacrifice style and design to have a cleanable and practical bathroom surface. With Al-Co's Marbelustra surfaces, you can have a grout-free shower wall, bathtub deck, shower floor and vanity top that is as easy to clean as traditional cultured marble and provides an array of colors and designs to satisfy your style appetite.Marbelustra surfaces won't ever require sealing and are impervious to water, mold and mildew. With your beautiful and easy to clean bathroom you can now spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.


Make the old something New!!

by Bret 17. April 2012 19:21

Have and old end table or perhaps an old coffee table or dresser you are thinking of replacing? Instead of doing that how about putting a piece of our Travina on top of it? It dramatically changes it's appearance while giving it a fresh new look!





Yes! We are certified by NAHB

by Bret 27. January 2012 20:30

In 1986, the NAHB Research Center, Inc., established a testing and labeling program for cast polymer bathroom products. This program covers bathtubs, lavatories, shower receptors, and whirlpool bathtubs. These units are characterized by their composition and manufacturing process, in which polyester resin systems, filled with inorganic particulates, act as both a structural and decorative element, and are cast into a complete product with or without a pre-coated finish.

To maintain our certification we must past an in depth testing process on a quarterly basis. 



Before you buy your next bathroom vanity top be sure to look for the certification label!



Thinking of a shower project?

by Bret 15. December 2011 10:14

If you have been considering either replacing your existing showerbase or perhaps putting one in for the first time be sure to check with us to see if there is something we can create just for you. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to mix and matching colors and styles of our product.


Fans of the show "Storage Wars" are familiar with Darryl and how he is continually looking for the "wow" factor.

 By adding a cast polymer granite showerbase with accenting Tyvarian walls you will transform your bathroom into a "wow" factor. The result is stunning! 




Travina for the bathroom and kitchen!

by Bret 27. October 2011 11:21

We have been supplying our Travina products for the kitchen and bathroom for nearly 3 years now and continue to hear how unique it looks. One of the things customers love the most is that we are able to adjust our color formulas to create a look just for them. The product is easy to care for and in case there is an accident the product can be repaired!

Custom shapes and sizes are no problem because everything is hand-made for you.

It can also be used for windowsills,wainscoting,and even floor tile.

If there are no seams required this is a product that can be installed by anyone who likes to do things themselves.




Be the first to get our NEW granite colors!

by Bret 1. September 2011 08:20

It has been quite some time since I have been this excited about new spray granite colors. While I really like the look of our current granite colors they all have the same pattern. Many times I have been asked "can you add more spec's or take some spec's out?" This is not possible since the colors arrive pre-mixed to us.


Our new granite colors have a totally different look.They also arrive pre-mixed but they have different sized granules that will truly give your piece a unique look.


At this time we have 3 new colors available with more to arrive the first of next year. The new colors are-

Trail Mix


Red Dirt Road


Samples will be arriving to our dealers starting next week.


I didn't know that!!

by Bret 12. July 2011 12:19

Many times I've had a customer come to our showroom to see what bowl styles or colors we have available and just as many times they leave with more ideas because they didn't realize just how many different things can be made with our Marbelustra product.

Something as simple as windowsills or wainscoting can virtually change a room appearance. Are you having a hard time finding the right size or shape for your project? Want something different from your friends or family? Contact us to see if we can help.



I bought a new bathroom counter top.....now what?

by Bret 28. June 2011 11:29

Once someone has purchased and installed their new Al-Co bathroom counter top the next thing they want to know is how to keep it looking like new. Below are a few helpful suggestions-

Care of your Marbelustra Products

  • Do not scrub with any type of harsh abrasives.
  • Regular cleaning with most available non-abrasive liquid cleaners or mild detergent is all that is needed to maintain the beauty of our product. Remove soap build up by using a soap scum remover. Hard water buildup and difficult stains can be treated with most lime and rust removers. Be sure not to allow cleaner to soak in sink and rinse well after using any cleaner.
  • Polish your vanity top at regular intervals with a non-abrasive liquid auto wax or gel gloss. This will maintain the lustrous finish and make your product easier to clean.

Please note: Matte/satin finish products do not require polishing.


Sizzling News from Al-Co Products

by Bret 27. June 2011 15:36

Now that we just finished celebrating the 235th birthday of our country and after 42 years of Al-Co in the cast polymer business,we are proud to announce a redesigned website at www.alcomarble.com and in the very near future you will be able to reach us via facebook. We will keep you posted.

By now all dealers should have received our new brochure.In the event you have not received the new literature contact us by email bbusch@windstream.net or phone 1-800-686-2489.

Along with the new literature three new colors were also introduced during that period. CS-Chocolate Swirl, NW-Natural with white, and SG-255 Tweed.

While many will be on vacation during the next six to eight weeks,the staff at Al-Co will be busy introducing other new products to compliment our cast polymer lineup.

Have a great summer!


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